How am I supposed to take AMINOPURE®?
The most convenient way to consume this product is to mix it with a cold or room temperature drink or dessert (such as yogurt). Please be careful not to allow AMINOPURE® to sit in a liquid for extended periods of time. It is also advised not to mix the product with hot or highly acidic drinks.

When should I take this product?
You may take this product at any time; however, taking this product when you are under bodily stress would be the most beneficial.

How much should I take?
The recommended dose is 10 grams per day (one 5g scoop, twice a day). For those who are especially fatigued, up to 30 grams a day can be taken.

Is this product safe for children and those who are pregnant?
AMINOPURE® consists of 100% l-glutamine, a nutrient that is already abundant in the body. Thus, people who fall into these two categories can take this product with confidence. For small children, following a dose o0f 0.5g AMINOPURE® per kilogram in weight would be a safe and effective dosage. If you are on a special diet or undergoing medical treatment, please consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

Is l-glutamine the same as monosodium glutamic acid (MSG)?
No, this product has a molecular structure that is different from that of MSG. Those who react to MSG will not have an allergic reaction with this product.

Should I be afraid of any side effects and the possibility of overdosing?
Because this product is an essential nutrient that already exists in your body, there is no threat of side effects. There should not be any problems if only the recommended dosage has been ingested.

My stomach does not tolerate food well to begin with. Can this product help me with some of my stomach problems?
AMINOPURE® has properties that help support gastrointestinal health. Those that experience constipation and/or diarrhea have expressed their happiness with the positive effects this product has provided. Although some customers have experienced stomach discomfort right after taking the product, we strongly urge those who experience a small upset to wait for the discomfort to settle. This is just the stomach reacting to the new influx of nutrients. For those who experience constipation, we strongly recommend you to take fiber or a probiotic in conjunction with AMINOPURE® to support good bacterial flora in your stomach.

I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer, is it safe to take this product?
It is well documented in medical journals that l-glutamine can help reduce the number of side effects from cancer treatments such as chemo and radio therapy. It is highly recommended that this product be taken as an energy source for those who are undergoing therapy to promote mucosal and gastrointestinal health. Fewer infections were also reported in patients taking l-glutamine as well. If you have questions, please consult your doctor.

Are there any groups of people who should not take this product?
Because pure l-glutamine or AMINOPURE®, is already a natural nutrient your body creates to support the body’s foundational and energy needs most of the population can take this product without any concerns. Those that are on a low protein diet or have serious liver or kidney problems should consult a physician.

I heard that AMINOPURE® is made from sugar. Should I be worried about my sugar intake?
Although this product is made from sugar, it is processed by microorganisms to become l-glutamine. This new byproduct of fermentation is in a completely different nutritional category different from sugar. Those who suffer from diabetes or other sugar intake limiting diseases can take this product without disrupting their blood sugar levels.