The Science of AMINOPURE® Sport

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and is released from the muscle during times of stress, such as high-intensity cardio or weightlifting. Athletes who take AMINOPURE® Sport before and after intense workouts report that they have been able to avoid muscle fatigue and exercise for longer periods, as well as speed the rate of muscle recovery after exercise.

Muscle Recovery
During severe stress, intense or prolonged exercise, muscle mass can be significantly depleted. Athletes who strain their bodies on a consistent basis have an increased risk of overtraining syndrome, where the intensity of their workouts exceeds their body’s ability to recover. L-glutamine supports the body’s production and regulation of human-growth hormone, which stimulates muscle growth. L-glutamine supplementation also helps to increase the rate of muscle recovery and reduces overall post-exercise recovery time. Taking AMINOPURE® Sport before and after exercise can help prevent and restore muscle breakdown.

Immune System Defense
Athletes who take part in exhaustive or prolonged periods of exercise may be more susceptible to infection. Because L-glutamine also supports the immune system by regulating and maintaining the production of cell lining in the intestines, AMINOPURE® Sport can help reduce this risk and reinforce the body’s natural protective barrier.

AMINOPURE® Sport is offered in two canister sizes: 100 grams and 350 grams.

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